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Innovate are long-established and leading experts in helping individuals worldwide, to discover whether their new product ideas and inventions have value and could lead to commercial success. With many years of experience, the team has built up a huge wealth of knowledge on how best to commercialise an idea, from affordable patent protection and prototyping through to licensing your idea to a company or having the product manufactured. Taking a new product idea to market has considerable risk which Innovate can help you to identify and address. The Innovate team comprises award-winning product design engineers, market researchers, patent searchers, business development professionals, and Intellectual Property experts, with experience in all areas of IP, product design, manufacturing, and global distribution networks. With offices in London, Paris, and San Francisco, they are perfectly positioned to help you succeed in exploring the potential of your project. Innovate is not the Patent Office however they can advise you on how the Patent Office works and guide you through making an application for a patent. They provide a complete service from patent search, protecting/patenting a product, through design and prototyping, to advice on marketing.

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Benefits of using Innovate Product Design

  • We have over 15 years experience in developing ideas
  • The only worldwide Invention development company
  • All information shared is 100% confidential
  • You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
  • We have been acknowledged as an approved consultant provider by Business Link | London since 2002
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Des conseils en Brevet – Comment breveter un concept
Un guide détaillé – “Inventer pour le Profit”
Un accord de confidentialité
Un formulaire d’Examen de Projet gratuit
Nouvelles et mises à jour sur l’innovation
The material in this website is commercially focused and generalized information and opinion about successfully working within the existing legal framework of Intellectual Property, patents and patent law; and should in no way be viewed or construed as legal advice. Advisors at Innovate are not and will not be lawyers unless this is specifically stated.

À propos d’Innovate

Avec une vingtaine d’années d’expérience, innovate aide les particuliers à déterminer si leurs nouvelles idées de produits et inventions pourraient conduire à un succès commercial.

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