The Ultimate Guide on How To Patent an Idea

So you’ve come up with a great invention idea that you are ready to patent?

Now you’re probably desperate to solicit advice on how to bring this new concept to reality, but you’re wary of lacking protection over the idea and thereby potentially getting it stolen in the process. Innovate Product Design is here to walk you through the process of good commercial steps to patent and/or progress an idea, from searching for existing patents and designs, to the different types of protection available, to the associated costs and steps necessary for any route ultimately chosen. Innovate offers low cost design-led intellectual property and design solutions to patent an idea that suits individuals’ needs to kickstart their project.

Before you go further, some of the questions that you may ask yourself before patenting or progressing an idea:

Have you kept your idea sufficiently secret?
Is your idea new and original in the market?
Is your product sufficiently developed, designed or prototyped?
Is it commercially viable?

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Forms of protection

Is your idea best protected via a  patent, a registered design, a trademark (registered or unregistered), or copyright? Find out how to decide which option is best for your idea by visiting our Vital Info page.

Is my idea novel?

How do you successfully use the patent system to progress your idea? A 1st step is a comprehensive search for similar patent documents to (1) see how globally unique the parts of your idea could be, (2) get new ideas and improvements from the best free technical resource on the planet, and (3) inform you whether and how you may up getting patent protection. Learn more here Patent Search.

Costs to Patent an Idea

Learn about how much it costs, varying types of patent applications in different countries, and what the examination and grant timelines are like. Patent Advice available here.

Patent Application Process in your country

A patent is a legal document that can last for 20 years, so specific wording is exceptionally important. Get tips on how to apply for a patent in your country, request our Free Inventor Guide

Trademark an Idea

In some circumstances trademarks can protect a word, symbol, or logo used in trade and associated with your product.

Registered Design

In some circumstances a design patent can be more appropriate and can combine with or be more relevant (and can provide faster protection) than trying to get utility patent protection over an idea.timelines are like. Patent Advice available here.

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