Pregni Pillow

Pregni Pillow

The Project
Pregni Pillow is an inflatable pillow designed to aid restful sleep during all stages of pregnancy
Client: Paul Dumbrill
Pregni Pillow has a trademark in the UK.

The problem or challenge
Paul Dumbrill came to Innovate with his idea for an adaptable inflatable pillow to help increase comfort for pregnant ladies.  He was looking for assistance with the design of this concept to take it from an idea to a more feasible product proposal.

The Innovate Solution
After approaching Innovate, the recommendation was made to engage our Product Design Team in order to develop the concept from a sketch on paper to something more tangible. After being presented with a suitable concept incorporating the various specified requirements outlined by Paul at the commencement of the project, Innovate worked to produce presentation boards that Paul would be able to present to industry when pitching, developing and explaining the Pregni Pillow.

The Process
With Innovate Design’s guidance and advice Paul was able to:

  • Evaluate the potential of his idea
  • Understand potential suitable market sectors for the concept
  • Engage the product design team to visualise his product
  • Produce photorealistic CAD visualisations
  • Approach manufacturers and develop further

The Results
The Pregni Pillow was launched in 2011 and is now sold through the Pregni Pillow website

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