This process will be adapted to suit specific ideas 


We find the best way to start a project is to fully understand the problem. This is why we welcome a face-to-face initial meeting with our clients, to discuss your needs and the expectations for your project.



We investigate the key issues that may influence the design: from market analysis to the usage cycle, we explore the core factors that will help shape your will help shape your product.


We work together to produce suitable concept design. This is then presented to you in an interim design review, allowing you to ensure that we are agreed on the direction your project will progress.


Once the form and function is confirmed, we can develop the technical details of your product. This includes validating the manufacturing feasibility of the product, the system design and the internal component integration.


From 3D drawings, we create photorealistic renderings that will allow you to visualise the shape and functions of your concept.


These high-quality 3D renderings provide support for obtaining industry feedback or funding.

Le Pack Info Contient
Des conseils en Brevet – Comment breveter un concept
Un guide détaillé – “Inventer pour le Profit”
Un accord de confidentialité
Un formulaire d’Examen de Projet gratuit
Nouvelles et mises à jour sur l’innovation
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Avec une vingtaine d’années d’expérience, innovate aide les particuliers à déterminer si leurs nouvelles idées de produits et inventions pourraient conduire à un succès commercial.

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